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Hello and welcome to my site!  I am excited about walking with you down your path of entrepreneurship.  Where it is a path of hills and valleys it is also a path of discovery, fulfillment and victory.  My love is not only for business ownership but for helping others bring their passion to profit.  Everyone is passionate about something either personally or professionally, but are they living and working that passion?   I ask my clients all the time, “If you were not getting paid in your business, would you still want to get up and conduct business every day?”  If the answer is yes then Push Your Passion!

In order to live that passion and drive it to completion you have to take a good look at self.  Many business owners start a business without doing a “self exam”.  Am I a people person?  Do I like sales?  Do I have management skills? Or do I just like to cook, so I will open a restaurant.  We need to take a look at ourselves to see if we have the mind, body and soul to walk, skip, and run down the path of entrepreneurship.

SBH Enterprises

Business Portfolio

The businesses and products that define SBH Enterprises are Focused on preparing Passionate Entrepreneurs for Success in their business from a Professional who is Honest, Committed and Delivers the desired results.

SBH Enterprises

RSVP Consultants, Push Your Passion and Business Builders Unlimited

RSVP Consultants

Making Opportunities Happen Everyday

RSVP Consultants

RSVP is the French expression for "Respondez s'il vous plait", which translates in English to please respond. RSVP Consultant's purpose is to assist clients in understanding when to RESPOND and how to REACT when opportunities arise.

Our mission is to aid in effectively identifying and responding to opportunities beneficial to the clients' entrepreneurial success.

Through assessing, coaching, consulting and educating, RSVP Consultants will challenge you to make opportunities happen and will provide the resources and tools needed to do so.

Push Your Passion

Tools for success

Push Your Passion

Push Your Passion

Push Your Passion is the breakthrough that you need to position you for success and profitability. It was created for those aspiring entrepreneurs or those ready to take their business to the next level. Push Your Passion offers strategies, tools and tactics to push through the fears, obstacles and challenges that prevent you from moving your idea into a business. The Push Your Passion tools are designed for you to develop your idea and grow your business in as little as 30 minutes a day!

The Passion Plan

Passion to Position to Profit

The Passion Plan Book

The Passion Plan: Journaling Your Business from Passion to Position to Profit. It is designed to help you push your passion to a successful, profitable business.

Click here to download an exclusive snippet of The Passion Plan and click here to order your copy today.

Business Builders Unlimited

Locations For Success

Business Builders Unlimited

Business Builders Unlimited

Founded in 1994 as a family-owned business, Business Builders Unlimited LLC, is a shared executive suites and business support service center. Located in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Business Builders Unlimited LLC. provides clients with all of their business needs. The mission is to be a solution for business owners by providing a prestigious address, support services, small business resources and valuable partnerships. We believe in the importance of professional image, atmosphere and service. These qualities along with our reasonable rates allow us to build our clients business.


Words of Inspiration, Affirmation, Faith and Encouragement


Women of Purpose, Power and Peace (WOP3)

Stacey Banks-Houston, Latora Grant Scott, and Cynthia Saddler as Women of Purpose, Power, and Peace collectively authored Seasons of Wholiness. Every woman has her seasons and these women have shared their seasons for others to be prepared for the “conditions”. Collectively WoPPP provides a premium network of services that provide empowerment, education, and strategic tools for women to enhance and elevate their lives. WOP3 provides opportunities for women to identify their dreams; turn them into goals and implement plans to reach those desired goals.

Complex issues or “Seasons” confront women in every area of their lives. Today there are more demands on women than ever before. Seasons of Wholiness is designed to provide words of inspiration, affirmation, faith and encouragement for all the complexities of the seasons. Women will also find helpful activities to enhance the physical, mental and spiritual states, providing them with a formula for a healthier, happier, more complete (whole) self. Seasons of Wholiness has already been utilized in women ministries and book clubs as a study guide and weekly devotion.

Bold, Creative,

Stacey Banks Houston

These are just a few words that describe this Inspiring woman who has changed the lives of many business owners throughout her career.

Stacey Banks Houston

Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Speaker

Stacey Banks-Houston is an entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, trainer and author. An entrepreneur at heart, Stacey along with her father founded Business Builders Unlimited, a shared office space and business support service center in 1994. She has grown that business and provides support services to Attorneys, Health Care Agencies and Educational facilities.

Owner of RSVP Consultants, a business development, planning and management company, Stacey’s business coaching style allows clients to feel comfortable about the journey of business ownership.  She delivers information and instruction in a manner that is simple to understand.  Stacey utilizes tools such as her book, “The Passion Plan” , which prepares emerging entreprenuers for whats ahead and provides them a strategy plan on how to avoid common pitfalls. Stacey also presents workshops and seminars that are high quality, high content and high energy that are delivered in a down to earth style that everyone remembers and can relate to. Her goal is to prepare clients for opportunities before it’s too late.

  • Stacey Banks Houston

    Stacey Banks Houston

Winner of the 2010 Small Business Administration (SBA) Minority Small Business Champion Award, Stacey is committed to assisting the small business owner. She served for 6 years as Director of the Cleveland Small Business Development Center since its inception in 2004 and was recognized as the top performing SBDC in the state of Ohio in 2007.

Stacey is a member of Mt. Zion Church in Oakwood Village, Ohio.  She is also busy as sports team mom during football season for her two sons, Rhonald and Justin.

SBH Services

Pushing Your Passion

"If your passion is there your fire will never go out, your idea is waiting to be lit." Stacey Banks-Houston
Discover what SBH provides to help people take the next step in their business development.

SBH Services

Entrepreneur’s Mindset: ONLY OPPORTUNITY EXISTS

You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeat so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.
Maya Angelou

Stacey Banks Houston offers specific services that will assist anyone as they begin their journey down the path of entrepreneurship.. Each service provided is specifically designed to meet the client where they are personally and professionally.


A Consulting session with SBH is focused on creating a successful business. It also focuses on who you are and the challenges faced in moving to the next level, personally and professionally.


The Coaching service prepares a plan once the challenges have been identified and barriers have been moved.

Training/ Workshops

The SBH Trainings/ Workshops deliver powerful information and exercises that prepare you for the challenges ahead. The goal of the trainings are to help you develop a strategic approach in handling the challenges and foresee the solutions.


As one of the top women speakers on the business circuit, Stacey Banks Houston is a recognized and frequently requested motivational and leadership speaker. Why? Because her message is PASSIONATE! Her love for entrepreneurship and the success of her clients is what motivates her to energize you.

Contact SBH today to find out more about her services and to schedule a consultation.

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I first saw Stacey on television and thought to myself that she would be a great person to meet and discuss entrepreneurial ideas with. I had a one on one consultation with her, and then joined a group. I came away with a lot of helpful and practical advice that I would not have branched into on my own. Having a supportive and forward moving collaboration has shifted my business thoughts into a realistic plan.
Suzanne Toppel
The experience was powerful, guiding us through our weaknesses pushing us to our passion. The workbook will bring out the very best in every undeveloped project. Our coach knows the way and how to engage the students. Thank you for this experience.
C. Cotton

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